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Addiction Recovery

Addiction is one of the deadliest diseases, killing more people annually than car crashes. It comes in a variety of forms, the most common being alcohol, drug, or sexual addictions.

Addiction isn’t a simple thing that can be overcome by just “wanting it bad enough.” Often it is linked to other kinds of damaging behavior and is impossible to address without also addressing the underlying causes.

Because the results of addiction are not confined to the individual, individual addiction therapy sessions may be supported with group or family sessions. For example, addiction may be putting a strain on a marriage, which will then put a strain on the family. Our therapists will work individually with the one suffering and then extend their work to other family members. This process is designed to help families strengthen their relationships and come together again.

The hardest step is admitting that you have an addiction. The process we offer is designed to support families as they come together and make decisions. We refrain from blaming one person and seek for solutions the entire family agrees on. From the beginning, we aim to build a healthy family unit through respect and honesty, devoid of secrets and pressure.

Our therapists empower you and your family to dig deep as you search for the root causes of the addiction. This makes it possible to address what is causing the sufferer to fall back into bad habits. By looking into the cause, our counselors will be able to help you come up with a plan that addresses the addiction at all levels and discover long-term solutions.

We honor the spiritual beliefs and values of each client throughout the therapeutic process.